Seymour Solutions incorporated in February of 2008. Mr. Seymour’s passion is to support people in finding solutions to their life and work challenges through both personal and group interactions. Mr. Seymour has a vast background that affords him the ability to better understand the majority of peoples work experience, challenges, and goals. Having owned several businesses over the years and working for a major corporation for over 17 years (most of which were in management), he brings a great deal of experience to his presentations. His level of compassion is demonstrated by his involvement in community. His graduation from the Chamber of Commerce Community Leadership Program has led him to serve on four local non-profit boards, of which he has been president/chair for three of them. He recently attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, and is currently working on his Masters in Psychology. In the summer of 2013 he wrote a book called Growing as a Leader which is a basics of leadership handbook and is available on






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