Leadership Seminar

This Seminar explores the variances between management and leadership. It is designed to provide the participants with a better understanding of leadership, steps to become a more effective leader, as well as the pitfalls that both managers and leaders can face.
Mr. Seymour's strengths in teaching this subject come from over ten years of management experience in the corporate world, over 14 years as an entrepreneur (owning 4 different businesses over the years), and over ten years in community leadership positions with non-profit organizations. He received management/leadership training in the corporate world, community leadership training through the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce (2010 graduate), and 5 years of leadership training through Toastmasters International. He has also spent an extensive amount of time researching leadership methods and procedures.

This two hour plus seminar is offered to young professionals, corporations, and non-profit organizations.


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