Everyone faces self-esteem challenges throughout their life. Learning how to recognize and alter the impact of these challenges serves to provide a happier and healthier lifestyle. This seminar is not designed to solve serious long term self-esteem issues, as these types of challenges are best served through extensive professional counseling or therapy. This seminar provides awareness of challenges and basic steps an individual can take to correct diminished self-esteem before it becomes a bigger issue.
This self-esteem seminar is the culmination of information from life experiences, years of research, and a recent degree in psychology by Mr. Seymour. The goal of the seminar is three fold. The first section provides a better understanding of what self-esteem is. The second is to discuss life issues that can impact one’s self-esteem, and how to recognize when the self-esteem level is reduced. The third section is the dissemination of information and tools that can help a person to improve their level of self-esteem.

This two hour seminar is offered to communities, non-profit organizations, and corporations.


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